Feb 14, 2011

WIP-original design for a doily

This is one of my many WIP's. I was working on a doily design...someday I will get back to this! :p

Anne Bruvold - Christmas Heart

Again one of Anne's designs, lovely! This was made with a red/pink varigated size 70 or 80 that was given to me through an ebay purchase of a shuttle.  It made this about 1" wide by 1" tall.


Anne Bruvold - Minor Norwegian Dragon & Seahorse Dragon

Again, I have to say I LOVE Anne's designs! Below each pic is the link for the pattern or go here and see her english pattern website.

This one is made with DMC Pearl Cotton #8 I don't have the exact color #.  It turned out about the size of my hand.

This one is made with a brand called Rubi. There is 2 different varigated threads and it they are the equivelent to a size #8 pearl cotton. 

I bought this thread in a big package of all different colors when I was just starting to try diferent threads...I have since decided that I do NOT prefer the pearl style cotton. :( Another similar thread to Rubi is Anchor, again I was displeased. :(  From now on it's Lizbeth or bust! :)

New Earring

This earring is an original design I made as a Christmas present for a friend. I will be happy to share the pattern when I get it written up! :)  This one is made with Omega #30 White-Purple varigated and some glossy black #11 seed beads.

Dec 30, 2010


 Clover/chain repeat with Opera size 5

Fancy snowflake-Easy Tatting-Rozella Linden with crochet cotten size 10 with a metalic filliment

Dec 29, 2010

A gift just because

I rarely keep anything that I make...they usually find good homes right away. This bookmark is the Twisted Clover Bookmark by Carol Lepard aka Carolivy, needle tatted with crochet cotton size 10:

Birthday present

I love giving bookmarks as presents they're pretty and useful!
Here is a bookmark out of Beeton's Book of Needlework -Ward Lock and Tyler 1870 made in crochet cotton size 10: